The Hookup Daze

On my house phone I called him

he picked up immediately and said hello

and I went with the flow

I came over the same day

to a variety of pornos neatly organized on his table

next to a punch bowl full of condoms

and lube packets

and the TV was playing one of the pornos at a very low volume in the background

and I did what I came there to do.

On my flip phone I texted him hello

he replied within the hour

and I came over to his array of pornos thrown haphazardly on his table

a handful of condoms and a few lube packets

and the porno on the TV was a bit louder this time

as if he didn’t care what the neighbors thought of him anymore

and we did what I came there to do.

On my iPhone I texted him hey

and he didn’t respond until later that evening

and I came over and there was only one porno on the table

a couple of condoms

and no more Lube

and the TV was blaring with the porno without a care in the world

and I did what I went there to do.

On my iPhone 5 I texted him hi

and he didn’t respond until the following Monday

and he told me he moved a few towns over

and I almost got lost on my way there

I came over

there was no pornos on the table

no more condoms nor lube

and the TV wasn’t on

it was in the middle of the night

and I try to leave but he begged me to stay

and so I did until 5 in the morning

I missed my shift at work and I got fired.

On my iPhone 6 I sent him a nude photo of me

but he didn’t respond for a whole week

and when he did he told me he had a boyfriend

and for me to back off

I looked at the indent on my right ring finger where my wedding ring used to be

And drove to my new job.


Loveless Millennial

Loquacious behind the screen,

Bilious outside cyberspace,

Social media encourages autonomy,

Yearning for a concupiscent embrace,

Hearts are surreptitiously encased,

Castigate another if they get too close,

No love will get in if you stay chaste,

You’ll be safe tightly nipped in a prose

Yearning for Adventure

Born with a void

Hard to destroy

With love

Swimming in your eyes

Infested with lies

But desperate to connect

Yearning for adventure

So cold and unsure

But it’s best to stay home

Your voice is so soft

My heart aches so loudly

My boundaries are sensitive

As I dance upon a tessellate

I keep the dying light exposed,

In hopes it will expand,

And if it was to fade away,

I would die by my own hand

Rhetorically Existential

What would society be like if the concept of religion never existed?

Would we feel more inclined to be ourselves?

Would we finally accept sin as a natural part of life?

Would sin, itself, have a face at all?

Just another part of our daily routine?

Would it be defined by something else other than a book written many years ago?

Would classification of sin be personified by other social norms?

Or would sin just be synonymous with lawbreaking?

Would there have been less wars?

Would there be less judgment amongst each other based on our differences?

Would families still be torn apart because their children didn’t become a certain way?

What drastic changes would occur if religion suddenly ceased to exist,

rather than it not existing to begin with?

Did God create us or did we create the idea of Him?

Island of Me

Is there anything more spectacular than a sunset?

Watching a day end,

Knowing that what you leave behind,

The Sun is applauding?

I fought a long time,

And a lot of unnecessary blood, sweat, and tears were spent.

But those fluids are the fertilizers of wisdom.

She is the waves that ebb and flow,

Moving time in and out of the horizon.

Leaving only trails in the sand.

Do they matter to her?

Do I matter to her?

She rests upon an island of me.

Hoping to retrieve what was lost to me

Before the Sun rises once more.

Major Arcana: The World

“A sentient and celestial being, 
I started as a brain that eventually grew smarter, 
Crafted a world within a body, 
And searched for life, 
As well as a purpose. 
While I had indeed found life among the land and sea, 
I ultimately found it all to be lacking. 
It really didn’t impress me, 
However it inevitably helped me escape a black hole.
I unleashed all my cosmic energy,
And realized that in keeping my radiance contained,
It wasn’t due to preservation but suffocation…

For it is best to share it with The World
For peace starts with me”

Major Arcana: Judgment

“Happy New Year!

Your season-long anticipation of the ball dropping is finally a reality,

And with it,

The dawn of a new day!

Once the resolutions are spoken,

Hope will fade and the disappointment will set in

As we return to our miserable lives!

Lives that are beyond our control…

Lives that conform to a society that tells us what to think,

What to want,

… And who to be.

We are slaves to the status quo!

But this year will be different, huh?!”

Major Arcana: DEATH

“Her breasts shrouded by her lustrous hair
Her lower lips hid behind cannabis 
Growing weary of a man too conformist for pleasure
Whispers defying the law of the land
Slithering… Ssssss…
Meandering… Mmmmm…
Temptation like drums banging in her head
Too ostentatious to ignore
Pluck the fruit from the forbidden chasm
And The Earth will feel wounded and nature will sigh a disappointed sigh, 
for with this act, 
humankind will fall. 
Her first thought will be to find him,
and to have him share her just desserts
so that they might be equal in life 
As they were in DEATH.”

Major Arcana: The Sun

“Dreamt of a doorway
I’m open to everything
And I’m reaching towards it
Drifting out of my skin

Drawing the blinds
Windows inside my head
Eyes reflect the Sun like an endless Summer

Life is at a standstill here 
The need to document time
is not required
When the waves crash the shore of a spatial mind”

Major Arcana: The Moon

“I am an artist

I am a performer

I am an actor

I am a writer

I am a singer

I am a dancer

I am a comedian

I am an acrobat

Does a song not soothe the mind like an aspirin tablet eases the physical pain?

Is laughter not truly the best medicine in a world that relies only on the superficial?

Can a dance with a lover not shake the devil off your back at least for a little while?

Sociology dictates that I don’t need to express myself if it’s money that runs the world

And I earn my money selling products to rude customers who cannot begin to fathom the compassion it takes to get to know me outside of my uniform

I may not be a literal starving artist but what does that say about my soul?”