What Destiny Means

I totally understood and related to the content to this blog post. Much so that I decided to reblog it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! 🙂

Love with a Dark Heart in Chains

Méditation 3Spiritual journeys are ongoing, never ending, unyielding, unforgiving, inconvenient and sometimes downright confusing, but it brings you to the ultimate truth. I never do anything “normal” one blogger told me, and it made me think. You’re dam right I don’t! I never do anything half way, half hearted or even half assed. Just straight through like a silver bullet piercing through a werewolf’s heart in the dead of night during a full moon.

Life is about moments.  What does this mean to you? Have you ever stopped to wonder what brought you to this point? When you’re high from drugs or alcohol and you have to pull over on the road because you are sitting there staring at the floor of your car asking God, “Please let me make it home alive.” How did you get there? How did we all get there. Did we succumb to our inhibitions? Did…

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