Salvation XIV

Though we trek on this path alone,
Our souls unite us under His vibrant light.
We are never astray,
never fearful,
for we cower not under the Sun of Virtue.
He bonds us to those we cherish;
He provides us brawn when we have none;
and in the most shrouded of places,
He leads us.
For He observes all,
Discerns all,
his love relentless.
He defends us so that we could defend others;
and we will ascend,
a Flame flickering in His Hearth,
Glowing and liberated.


Salvation XIII

Although you abused me emotionally and used me to near depletion, I still worry about you. I hope you’re eating enough. I hope that you find a place to call your own. I hope that you find what you seek in life. I don’t want you to die. I will always care for you, even if I have accepted the fact that I can never let you inside my heart ever again.

All Of Me And None Of You

Oh well, my heart won’t be around for a long, long time if you’re unkind,
And I hope that you find someone to love you more than I,
Now you’re gone, I don’t know why
To this day I sometimes cry
You didn’t even say goodbye
You didn’t take the time to lie

Oh well, my soul will be around for a short, short time if you don’t believe,
And I hope you find someone to care for you more than me.
You’re not here, I don’t know where
In my bed, I sometimes fear
You didn’t even say hello
You didn’t take the time to call

Oh well, my mind won’t be around in all this space and time if you don’t exist,
And I hope you find someone who needs you enough to persist
You just left, I don’t know when
To this day I sometimes sin
You didn’t even curse my name
You didn’t take the time to blame

Oh well, my body won’t be so wrinkled in time if you’re healed,
And I hope you find someone to crave you enough to feel.
You disappeared, I don’t know how
To this day I sometimes endow
You didn’t even say good luck
You might be straight so we’ll never fuck

Coven of Bitches

Shove me onto the bed,
Force me down,
Tell me I’m your bitch,
Pour all your love inside me,
The coven of bitches don’t approve,
But what else is new?
Tie me up on a sex swing,
Slit my wrists and fuck me,
As I lay dying like a pendulum,
With no hope for retribution,
The coven of bitches don’t approve,
But what else is new?
Choke me against the wall,
Lick all my tears that fall,
I will love you ’til the day I don’t,
I’ll cross lines that others won’t,
The coven of bitches don’t approve,
But what else is new?

Salvation XII

I know that I gave you a hard time for the last several weeks. I tried so hard to push you away, to scare you off. But you’re still here. I hope to God that you will always stay. I didn’t think we would make it this far. You pulled me out of my comfort zone. I thought only darkness awaited me. I was wrong. A blinding beacon of light enticed my very soul. I am drawn to you like a moth to a flame. The fire illuminates my life in a way I never thought imaginable. I yearn for your embrace. I have dreamt of us making love everyday since desire resurfaced. We are both survivors, battered, broken… but together, we can be… Salvation.

Silence is a Beach

So used to the busy bustling of every city street,

The ocean cradles me in its arms as sunlight pours over me,

I left my worries and fears where the two elements meet,

Drifting on the tears my heart has set free,

Hold me like you’ve never lost your patience,

As the voices are drowning in tranquility,

Delusions tied me up in silence,

They helped me achieve the utmost stability,

I backpedal towards a distant island,

A world beyond prior imagination,

Unknowing of what is beyond the bend,

No longer a conquest to ease all deprivation,

Overwhelming presence of a family encumbered within my mind,

But they cannot vanquish my need to be kind

Scrapbook Blues

Skimming through history at break-neck velocity

Losing my mind while snapshots take over me

Turn the page!

Wondering if you know I’m here

Thinking I see you everywhere and nowhere

It’s all the same!

I know that we’ve gone on alone

And we wander through the dark we own

It never ends!

These paper cuts run so deep

I feel you on my lap asleep

Get out of my head!

The glue under these polaroids is just too strong

I can’t pull them out ’cause I waited too long

Be careful!

You’re plastered on the walls of my boudoir

Caving in as it shakes me to my core

Please help me!

I can’t breathe as the floodgates burst open

Submerged in the images that I let in

It’s too late!

Striking a pose while I hold the frame of a .44 Magnum

A flash of the camera leaves me still and undone

Say cheese!

True Love

Hello to my truly, lovely angels! I enjoyed the storytelling and simple symbolism. This made me realize that I don’t necessarily need to use big words or long stanzas to make a great poem. I love how it’s merely describing an everyday occurrence and how it pertains to how women interact with gay men. At least that’s what I got out of it. Well, enjoy! And please check out Duncan’s blog while you’re here!



Working through the  227 Rules For Monks. Who knew the simple life could be so complex. This another of the 92 pācittiyas.

True Love

she  shows me

the new backpack

that her boyfriend had bought her

for her sixtieth birthday

he was so pleased with the colour

her favourite green

she hates it

but she didn’t tell him that

it’s not the right fit

on her shoulders

like the wonderful red parka

he bought her for Christmas

she loves the colour

but the zipper doesn’t work easily

she has to zip a little 

before putting it on

I guess he’s from India

as she imitates his accent

I like so much to give you things

she’s grateful to receive his gifts

but will insist

that in future she go with him

when he’s going to buy 

a surprise for her

she asks me

if that sounds reasonable

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Within The Grass Where You Remain

I was broken-hearted

So the world must be too

I was so high below the sky

So I must have seen an angel

I was deaf in more than one ear

So it must have spoken in tongues

I was blind in more than two eyes

So I couldn’t see why it came to me

I was full of doubt

So I fell into the sea before it flew away

I was searching for you in the grass

So I stared at the television screen

I was broken-hearted

So you must be too